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Working with us is full of additional perks. Learn about all the benefits you could be entitled to.

Employment Benefits

Baptistcare is committed to providing a range of benefits for our staff that will make their lives a little easier.

With this in mind, we have partnered with several businesses to present you with competitive deals on some products and services you might enjoy.

We are continuing to develop our Employee Benefits program, and will keep you informed as new products come online. For now, the options include:


Extra tax-free income

Salary Packaging

One of the benefits of working for a not-for-profit organisation like Baptistcare is the ability to have up to $15,899 of your income made available to you tax-free. This benefit is available to all our permanent staff through our salary packaging provider AccessPay.

Here’s how it works:

  • You nominate a portion of your salary to be deducted by our salary packaging provider each payday.
  • You can use this tax-free money to pay for an approved range of everyday expenses, such as loan/mortgage payments, grocery, fuel, or even entertainment.
  • Income tax will only apply to the amount of your salary that remains after these deductions.

Less income tax means an increase in your take-home salary – more money in your pocket!

For more information, you can contact an AccessPay representative on 1300 133 697 or via email. Alternatively, you can visit the AccessPay website.

Savings on fees


In cooperation with Bankwest, Baptistcare is glad to offer you a range of great deals on Bankwest products and services.

  • Discounts on Premium Select Home Loan rates (save up to $2,000 every year).
  • Discounts on Premium Select Home Loan application fees (save up to $695).
  • No application or exit fees.
  • No ongoing fees.
  • Discounts on Credit Card annual fees (save up to $99).
  • Discounts on Personal Loan application fee (save up to $249).
  • 20% off the financial plan fee, with a full review from BW financial advice.

Whether you are looking to purchase a home or investment property, would like to enquire about personal finance or would simply like to compare the Bankwest offer to your current banking arrangements, Bankwest can help!

To book an appointment with a Bankwest consultant, please call 1300 490 384 or visit the Bankwest website.

Discount on combined policies


If you have private health insurance with HBF or are seeking to take out private health insurance, as a Baptistcare employee you will be eligible for exclusive discounts on a range of HBF products.

  • Up to 12% off Hospital and Essentials cover.
  • Up to 23% off Home, Landlords, Car, Boat and Caravan cover.
  • Up to 19% off Travel insurance.
  • Waived two-month waiting periods on most Hospital and Essentials services – see policy terms and conditions.
  • Up to 52 weeks complimentary health cover if you go on sick leave without pay.

For more information, you can contact HBF Corporate on 1300 132 549 or via email. You can also visit the HBF website.

Converge International

Employee Assistance Program

All Baptistcare employees can access our Employee Assistance Program that provides counselling and support to employees and immediate family members. This service is totally confidential and free-of-charge, provided through a professional and accredited counselling service provider Converge International.

Converge International is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call 1300 687 327 to arrange a counselling session at a convenient time and location that suit you. Also check out Converge International’s website for tips on health and wellbeing.

JB Hi-Fi Family & Friends Program

Baptistcare staff and their family and friends are entitled to special discounts on electronics, white goods, telecommunications and small appliances from JB Hi-Fi’s online store.