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We respect differences such as age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, physical disability and appearance, as well as underlying beliefs and ways of thinking.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion Plan

Baptistcare provides a range of community services across metropolitan and regional Western Australia, reaching out to people from all walks of life. As an organisation that has been established on a Christian foundation, Baptistcare draws on the example of Jesus who showed that neither religious, cultural and linguistic differences, nor health, disability, gender, age or sexual orientation should become barriers to unconditional love and grace.

Baptistcare’s Diversity and Inclusion Plan seeks to identify Baptistcare’s commitment to diversity and inclusion and provide the guidelines that will influence our attitudes, relationships, and our policies and procedures.

The methodology used in producing this document included conversations throughout the organisation at various levels, some specific small group discussions and feedback questions. Consultation was held throughout the organisation.

Baptistcare’s Diversity and Inclusion Charter

In the spirit of person-centredness, Baptistcare values the differences that make each person unique.

We respect differences such as age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, physical disability and appearance, as well as underlying beliefs, ways of thinking and acting.

We welcome the diversity of those who we work along with and those who receive our services and will treat all people with respect and dignity, valuing the individuality that each person brings to the organisation.

We welcome a diverse and talented workforce of people, both paid and volunteer, who bring a broad perspective on life and promote innovation within the organisation.

We are committed to equal opportunity and will investigate all cases of discrimination in the workplace, taking appropriate action.

Vision, Mission, Values

Baptistcare’s vision is for people who come into contact with us, to begin to see changes in their lives. We long to see people’s lives enriched and made more satisfying, but even more than that, we see the potential for transformation from hopelessness to hope, from fear to confidence, from loneliness to community and from sadness to joy.

To read more about our Mission, Vision and Values visit the Baptistcare website or click on the link below.

More about our Mission, Vision and Values
Russell Bricknell

Message from the CEO

Baptistcare’s Diversity and Inclusion Charter is the fruit of a commitment by the Board, senior management and staff of Baptistcare to develop a unique approach to person-centredness. As a core characteristic of Baptistcare we have worked hard to identify what person-centredness means for us in practice so it is no surprise that out of such a process it became obvious that a document should be produced to outline our attitude to diversity and inclusion.

Our Values of dignity and compassion, integrity and respect and courage and justice lead us to an understanding of the need to ensure that both these people we serve and the people we employ or work with in providing services are welcome in every way. We recognise how important it is for us to hear the voice of every individual our organisation touches and as far as we are able, to provide services that are responsive to their individual needs.

This Diversity and Inclusion Charter is an important step for us in being a welcoming and person-centred organisation and I look forward to the initiatives that will come as a result of this document.

Baptistcare CEO