Baptistcare’s Labour Agreement


Did you know Baptistcare has a labour agreement with the Department of Immigration, allowing us to sponsor overseas workers in positions such as Personal Carers, Disability Support Workers or Community Aged Care Support Workers? We are one of few organisations [...]

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Aged care sector set to boom


With Australia’s growing ageing population, the demand for aged care is significantly increasing. Research by McCrindle has found that by 2044, there will be 1.2 million more people aged over 85 than there are today. In addition, the average older [...]

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Pre-employment medicals at Baptistcare


Baptistcare has a pre-employment medical process in place for new candidates looking to join Baptistcare. This ensures we meet our duty of care to our employees, allowing them to work comfortably and safely. The HR team has worked with our [...]

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Baptistcare is on LinkedIn


Recently we reached 4,000 ‘likes’ on LinkedIn. To congratulate us, LinkedIn sent us a box of delicious cupcakes! Our LinkedIn page had been upgraded to gold, which helped set us apart from other similar organisations. Having a gold page allows [...]

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Baptistcare-GSI partnership: toward a more inclusive workforce


Baptistcare has joined forces with the Good Samaritan Industries (GSI) to increase the participation of people with disability in the workforce through Options Employment. Options Employment is a division of GSI, which focuses on assisting people with disability in finding [...]

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How to succeed in a job interview


Got an interview? Here’s how to make the most of it The interview is an important part of the selection process. It’s an opportunity for employers to learn more about you and for you to assess if you’re the right fit [...]

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How to write the perfect resume


How to land an interview – writing a great curriculum vitae (CV) and cover letter When applying for a position, your CV and cover letter are very important in landing you an interview. CV The purpose of a CV is [...]

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