Baptistcare has joined forces with the Good Samaritan Industries (GSI) to increase the participation of people with disability in the workforce through Options Employment. Options Employment is a division of GSI, which focuses on assisting people with disability in finding meaningful employment.

Baptistcare is committed to providing people with disability with 11 jobs, 11 traineeships, 15 mentoring and 15 work experience placements across our sites and services.

Meeting our commitment in this partnership is important to us as it is in line with our vision to transform and enrich lives. We also believe people with disability bring a unique contribution to our workforce.

We encourage other employers to include people with disability in their workplaces. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Including people with disability fosters workplace diversity and inclusion.
  • Meaningful employment provides a sense of purpose and enhances the quality of life for people with disability.
  • It allows people with disability to apply valuable knowledge and skills in the workplace.
  • It enables people with disability to make valuable contribution to the community.
  • It provides people with disability a source of income and an opportunity to become independent.