With Australia’s growing ageing population, the demand for aged care is significantly increasing. Research by McCrindle has found that by 2044, there will be 1.2 million more people aged over 85 than there are today. In addition, the average older Australian will live five years longer than today. Both factors equates to an additional 6 million more years of care. This places pressure on Australia’s aged care sector in terms of workforce, where it is predicted there will be a shortage of workers for the future.

In addition to our ageing population, we also have an ageing workforce. The median age for a residential care worker is 48 and community care worker is 50. This means that half of the current aged care workforce will be reaching retirement age within the next 15 years. To meet the demand, 77,976 workers will need to be recruited in the next 10 years, which equates to 650 new employees per month, in addition to replacing the 668 retiring staff per month. The high demand for care workers makes the aged care sector a great industry to be employed in.

Aged Care Puzzle

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